If you are a man or woman on active duty or former veteran of the US Military, we would like to hear how the M9 has been a part of your life. Perhaps it has to do with you only, or with a fellow serviceman—if it made a difference for you, we would be honored to hear it. We might share your story in a video just like the one of Sgt. Greg Stube.

Share Your Story Here

Tell us your M9 Story and become one of the Faces of the M9

It’s no chance that a service pistol is called a “personal sidearm.”

When you are in the armed services and carry it, you come to develop a true relationship with it: to know you can rely on it when the chips are down is the highest form of trust.

As the official pistol of the US armed forces, the Beretta M9 has been the “World’s Defender” for three decades.

Its story is the story of the men and women of the US military—stories of countless acts of heroism and selflessness. Stories that we at Beretta would like to hear from you, in your own words, for no one can tell it better.

Share your story with us so that your trust in the M9 may be heard far and wide. Your story could be produced in one of the series' videos, just like this one.